On Jan 14 2020, Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Vardkar called for general elections to be held on Feb 8. This leaves the parties but also the public with very little time on what the parties stand for. What do they wish to change?

Higher Education seems to be of low priority during the debates. Yet the funding crisis in higher education is real. Without investment in higher education, a generation is forgotten. Furthermore, without investment in higher education, a serious fear for lack of trained professionals may arise such as doctors.

To address this question and others that may keep you up at night the Dublin Law and Politics Review will host the Dublin General Election Debate on Feb 3, at Dublin University College (DCU).

There will be spokespersons from most of the main political parties including Fine Gael’s Noel Rock, Labour’s Andrew Montague, People before profit’s Conor Reddy, The Green Party Roderic O’Gorman, Social Democrat’s Roisin Shortall and Sinn Féin (TBC).

As everyone is aware this election is massively important for everyone and we are encouraging as many students and members of the local community to come along as possible and to get out to vote on Feb 8. This is a great opportunity for everyone to engage with these politicians and to figure out who to vote for and attendance is free.

Get tickets to the event here.

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