Damian McGinty has won the Glee Project!

The Derry teenager along with rival Sam Larsen was chosen as one of two winners who will star in the next season on the most popular entertainment show on TV.

For Damian, it was heartbreaking as it came down to him and his fellow competitor, Sam. Sam was then announced as the winner by Ryan Murphy, the show's creator.

Murphy then asked Damian how did he feel about not winning and he confessed his disappointment

Then Murphy sprang a massive surprise, also naming Damian as a winner.

The 18-year-old Derry native did a war dance of delight on the stage.

He had been chosen for the last four and went through a grueling final week, finally performing 'Somewhere Beyond the Sea' as his personal favorite.

However, as the final decision was made it looked like he had lost out to Sam, the indy music artist from Los Angeles.

But incredibly Damian won out too, sending his legions of fans all over America into raptures.

A special part will be written for him in seven episodes of season three.

It looks like he will be a freshman exchange student arriving at school and the role will certainly suit him,

For the Celtic Thunder singer, it is a massive win, putting him to the forefront of American popular entertainment and alongside such household names now as Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch.

Damian first came to the attention of Producer Sharon Browne and Music Director Phil Coulter at the tender age of 14, when a CD he recorded for charity was passed along to them. He was invited to come along to audition for the show and was immediately cast in the role of the "teenager" or "boy wonder" in Celtic Thunder.

He has been with them for four years and has recorded seven CDs and shows, two more to be released soon.

Now he is a star of one of America's most popular shows.

Well done, Damian!