Move over Michael Flatley; it's the Lord of the Ice. 

Ever since watching the box office smash that is "I, Tonya", we've become obsessed with figure skating.

To those well versed in the competitive sport, Jason Brown needs no introduction.

Back in 2014, the wonder-kid with his signature ponytail was still a relative outsider on the skating scene. But this Riverdance inspired routine propelled him to international acclaim.

It's not often you see an audience give a standing ovation while the performance is still happening - but they did for the then-20 year old (who gets bonus marks for the sparkling Celtic costume too.)

As the commentator said, "They're going to have to shut this building down for repairs after this program because he's going to blow the roof off it."

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And if you're wondering...yes, he did land numerous triple axels that Tonya Harding would be proud of.