This Irish lads aren’t just pretty faces they’re taking the silver screen, TV and the stage by storm.

Watch out world!

Jamie Dornan.

The star of the runaway TV hit “The Fall”, a former model (bravo sir!) is now starring in the naught flick “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Having already proven his acting chops he’s already on his way.

Robert Sheehan.

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching “Love/Hate” check it out on Netflix. This strikingly handsome young fella is meant for big things.

Allen Leech.

Come on!! He’s in “Downtown Abbey”. What else do you need to know. He’s also starred in the remake of “The Sweeney” recently. A tough copper...he ain’t but he’s already on everyone’s radar.

Chris O’Dowd.

This Roscommon lad can do no wrong. From the “Bridesmaids”, to “Blue Sapphires” to his own Irish series “Moone Boy” and now on to Broadway with James Franco in “Of Mice and Men”. He’ already all set AND he just seems like a really nice fella.

Devon Murray.

You may not recognise him without a minor explosion in his face but Seamus from “Harry Potter” fame is definitely one to watch. Look at the Irish mug.

Damian McGinty.

A known commodity this 21 year old already has a term with Celtic Thunder and a role in “Glee” under his belt. He’s ready to hit the very big time...queue squealing tweens now.

Andrew Scott.

His portrayal as Moriarty in BBC’s “Sherlock”, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, was at once hilarious and terrifying. If Hollywood aren’t watching this one they’re all mad.

Aidan Turner.

He’s in “The Hobbit”!! What more do we need to say. After the Peter Jackson experience (and exposure) this handsome swarthy devil will go far.

Jack Reynor.

The story goes that this star of the, dark Irish movie, “What Richard Did” arrived to Michael Bay’s office claiming poverty and is now a star of “Transformers”! This young lad will be all right.

Colin Morgan.

A cult hero already this County Armagh star of BBC’s “Merlin” is set to be a star and has already won the hearts of teenage girls everywhere.