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A year ago she was singing Neil Diamond songs in front of regulars in her local pub but this summer former X Factor contestant, Mary Byrne, will be Neil Diamond's support act at the Aviva.
Former "X Factor" contestant Mary Byrne will support Neill Diamond in front of 45,000 people in the Aviva stadium this June.

This time last year Mary Byrne was singing Neil Diamond's songs in the 'X Factor' talent show and now she'll be playing alongside the music legend.

When asked if she was excited the former supermarket worker said "Am I excited about it? I still can't believe it's happening.

"It's just been this huge, huge secret for the past few weeks, I wanted to tell people but couldn't.
"I've loved Neil Diamond since I got my first record player and here I am playing with him in my hometown."

She added: "The scale of this is something I don't think I will understand until I walk out on stage. Heaven help me what it's going to feel like."

Her debut album "Mine & Yours" is now on sale.

Read more: Mary Byrne's 'X Factor' dream ends- SEE VIDEO

Mary Byrne on 'X Factor'Ken McKay/TalkbackThames