Britain's "X Factor" reality show in Britain is bringing in a Susan Boyle Stress Test.

Producers say they want to avoid a repeat of the very public breakdown that Susan, 48, suffered after the finale of "Britain's Got Talent."

Susan checked into a private clinic after she lost out in the final and many critics accused the producers of failing to care for her properly.

Psychologists say that such overnight fame is extremely damaging.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos, a psychologist on Britain's "Big Brother," series said: "A lot of people see the halo effect with fame.  They only see and hear about the good things, so it is vital that producers talk to them about the negative side of what happens when you are in the public eye."

Irish promoter Louis Walsh has already said Susan should not have been chosen a reality show.

He said Susan was "too vulnerable" for the show. "It's very gruelling, and it's ten weeks of very intense performance. Everything you say and do is being watched. It's a massive reality check for some people."

Holloway said: 'We have always had doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists on call if people needed professional help."

"What we have done this year, because the show keeps getting bigger and there is more focus on it, is we have looked at our policies quite carefully and decided we should have people with us, particularly with the pressure of audiences at the auditions."