With the immigration debate roaring on, one unlikely source has joined in on the discussion - the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment.

On the Tuesday, June 18 episode of Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,’ one segment discussed the WWE’s unexpected commentary on immigration.

During a recent WWE show, personality Zeb Colter said to roaring fans that he was “speaking to you from a country that is under siege.”

“Everyday, we have foreigners flooding our country, sneaking across our borders, like rats in the streets.”

However, Colter evidently forgot that one of the wrestlers he promotes for, Antonio Cesaro, is from another country. The announcers discussing Colter’s comments - during a wrestling match - pointed out that perhaps Colter doesn’t have a problem with immigrants, just with immigrants who come into the country the “wrong” way.

John Oliver, who is sitting in for Jon Stewart at ‘The Daily Show’ desk for the summer, said the discussion was “more articulate a debate than anything we’ve heard in Congress.”

He then invites out Mick Foley, a retired wrestler who has gone on to pen best-selling novels and tour doing stand-up comedy. 

“Hey Zeb,” says Foley, “you got a problem with immigrants? Now you’ve got a problem with me.” Foley continues by saying that Colter doesn’t like immigrants, he should try picking vegetables for 14 hours a day at 50 cents an hour.

Oliver and Foley then, whipping out prop folding chairs like those ones often used in WWE matches, invite Colter to come on ‘The Daily Show’ to … “sit down to discuss the complexities of immigration reform with you.”

Check out the video from ‘The Daily Show’ here:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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