Would you like to invite a fairy into your home this Christmas?

If so, it couldn’t be easier. Just simply select the fairy door you would like at www.theirishfairydoorcompany.com, choose where you would like to put it in your home and leave the key outside the door overnight. If in the morning the key is gone, then you will know what the fairy has arrived, picked up their key and has moved in behind his or her tiny door! Once your fairy has moved in so begins a truly magical friendship between the little people in your life and their very own fairy!

Fairies only come out at night because if they are seen by humans they lose a little of their magic and have to return to Fairy Valley, where they originally came from. Fairies are great at blowing away bad dreams, collecting teeth and of course taking any worries away but above all they make wonderful friends! Each fairy door comes with a Lease Agreement (which the whole family must sign and then it should be left out for your fairy to sign too!). The pack also includes a Fairy Welcome Guide, some Stepping Stones, a Notepad and the all-important Fairy Key!

The Irish Fairy Door Company was set up in Dublin in August 2013. Two married couples Niamh and Oisin Barry and Aoife and Gavin Lawler had been hit very badly by the recession in Ireland and were very close to emigrating. All of a sudden, this wonderful idea came about around a kitchen table and there was a little bit of hope again, but there was absolutely no money to fund it! In came Niamh’s mam Kate. Kate had given up smoking 8 years previously and had saved all of the money that she would have spent on cigarettes in a KitKat money box she kept at home. Without hesitation, she gave it to the guys which they accepted and went on to launch their website and Facebook page on the same day August 28th 2013.

To say that what happened next was a whirlwind is an understatement. Right now, just over 2 years later, every second child in Ireland now has a fairy living with them and the UK is not far behind. The recession had people feeling very low in Ireland and hearing about these two ‘Celtic Tiger Cub’ couples turning things around really resonated with people. After a very long time, a good news story was welcomed with open arms!

So what is next for The Irish Fairy Door Company? The US of A! They are just about to launch their business in North America in early 2016 (around St Patrick’s Day). They have employed experts in the American toy market and are hoping to find many more human homes for their fairy friends in the States! Although they are aware that it will be a very tough market to crack, they are determined to spread the magic as far and wide as they possibly can.

There is always lots of really lovely feedback from customers which is so greatly appreciated. The over-riding comments that they receive seems to be always in a similar vein – ‘You have created something incredibly special. My child will remember this forever. Your little doors are creating long lasting