Defending World Irish Dancing Champion Jack Quinn
with #2 Owen Luebbers and #3 Jordan McCormack
photo Alannah Lynch

At the World Irish Dancing Championships hosted by An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha in Belfast this week, the Top Three Boys 13-14 confirmed that they belong on the box with three spectacular rounds of Irish dancing before a panel of seven international adjudicators.  The Worlds stage is not new to any of them, and their competitive records speak for themselves.

The Top 10 in this competition included exceptional competitors from Australia, England, Ireland and the United States of America.  Coincidentally, four of the Top Ten are named a variation of Conor!

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Jack Quinn from Scoile Rince Uí Shé in County Leicester, Ireland claimed his third consecutive World Irish Dancing Championship Monday in the Boys 13-14 event.  Quinn also holds the All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championship for his age group since 2010 and the Oireachtas Rince Laighin regional title.  He won the Great Britain Irish Dancing Championship in 2011.

Owen Luebbers from the Broesler School of Irish Dance in New Jersey, placed second, and is the current North American National Irish Dancing Champion for Boys under 13, having won every year since 2009. Luebbers also is a six-time mid-Atlantic regional champion.

Jordan McCormick, who placed third, is from Lambe Academy of Irish Dance in County Connaught, Ireland.  McCormick consistently places second after Quinn at both of these major Irish dancing championship events, having won the All-Ireland title in 2009.  McCormick is also the Oireachtas Rince Chonnact regional champion.

2012 World Irish Dancing Championships
Boys 13-14 Awards
Photo Rhiannon Gilvarry

Top 10 Results for Boys 13-14
2012 World Irish Dancing Championships

Champion Jack Quinn - Uí Shé, Leicester, Ireland
2 - Owen Luebbers - Broesler, New Jersey, USA
3 - Jordan McCormick - Lambe, Connaught, Ireland
4 - Curtis Long - Doherty, Ulster, Ireland
5 - Nathan McGhee - Coleman, Connaught, Ireland
6 - Conor Norton - Aaron Crosbie, Southern England
7 - Conor Reagan - Inishfree, New York, USA
8 - Conor Rodgers - Doherty, Ulster, Ireland
9 - Connor Patrick Sullivan - Petri, New York, USA
10 - Jonty Moore - Aisling, New South Wales, Australia

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