Sinead Carson from Doherty
2012 World Irish Dancing Champion Ladies 17-18
Photo Janine Taggart
Sinead Carson and Niamh Taylor from Doherty in Ireland defended their World Irish Dancing Championship titles - and it was not the first time for either of these amazing Irish dancers, who also hold multiple consecutive All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championship titles, including 2012.
Sinead Carson, the 2012 World Irish Dancing Champion for Ladies 17-18, has held her position at the top of the podium since 2009. There were 129 female Irish dancers from 8 countries registered for this year's competition which is taking place all week at Belfast's Waterfront. Carson beat top World qualifiers from Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Hungary, Ireland, Scotland and the United States. 
Niamh Taylor with John Lonergan
both are 2012 World and All Ireland Irish Dancing Champions
Photo courtesy John Lonergan
Niamh Taylor, the 2012 World Irish Dancing Champion for Ladies 18-19, who won the Worlds in 2007 and 2008 reclaimed her title in 2011. This is her fourth World Irish Dancing Championship win.
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2012 World Irish Dancing Championship
Top 10 Ladies 17-18: 
1 Sinead Carson Doherty 
2 Alana Pearson Ceim Oir 
3 Jessie Leach McGahan-Lees 
4 Sinead Malone Caroline Greene
5 Kate Kaneko Peter Smith USA
6 Ceili Moore Aisling 
7 Olivia Graydon Maguire-O'Shea 
8 Kevinah Dargan Rince Na Tiarna USA
9 Catriona O'Neill Doherty 
10 Eadaoin McGinley Croghan-Greene 
Top 20 Ladies 18-19: 
1 Niamh Taylor Doherty 
2 Caroline Gray McGahan-Lees 
3 Alesandra Doughty McDade-Cara USA
4 Maggie Eileen Doyle Trinity USA
5 Jasmine Withers Kenny 
6 Clodagh Roper Domican 
7 Lindsay McBride Ni Fhearraigh O'Ceallaigh Eastern Canada
8 Bobbie Trotter Carey 
9 Tori Lopez Comerford USA
10 Taylor Kerrane Petri USA
The Doherty School of Irish Dancing was founded in 2001 by Gavin and Seaneen Doherty and has studios and classes in Belfast and Derry in the Ulster Region, Ireland.  Since that time, Doherty has experienced tremendous success in international major Irish dancing competitions for both solos and teams.
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