Michael Holland from Richens/Timm Ohio
wins 2012 Senior Men's World Irish Dancing Championship
Photo Caitlin Holland
To the delight of competitive Irish dance enthusiasts around the world, two favorites claimed the top spot on the podium Saturday in the Senior Ladies' and Senior Men's competitions of the World Irish Dancing Championships!  Suzanne Coyle from McLaughlin in Scotland, won her 5th World Champion title and Michael Holland from Richens/Timm in Ohio, who just this year moved up to the Senior Men category, clinched his first World Championship.

Suzanne Coyle
2012 Senior Ladies World Irish Dancing Champion
Photo by Jean Lennon Schuhle
Coyle, a star of Wellpark Productions documentary "Jig" about the 2010 World Irish Dancing Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, beat 153 other entrants in the Senior Ladies competition for the title.
In this event, Open Champion-level Irish dancers from Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, England/Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, South Africa and the United States took to the stage.  The panel of adjudicators was treated to performances by ladies aged 21 and over, most of whom have been dancing for well over ten years, if not fifteen or more.

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Holland, who recently placed 3rd at the 2012 All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championships, holds the 2009 All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championship for Men 18-19.  He is the oldest of four siblings - Patrick, Caitlin and Rachel, who all dance with Richens/Timm Academy.  He started with his young cousins because it was fun, but his teachers, including the late Ann Richens, ADCRG, earmarked him as a World Champion almost right away.

Michael Holland, defending North American Champion
with the late Ann Richens, ADCRG
at the 2011 North American National Irish Dancing Championships
Photo courtesy Richens/Timm
Coyle and Holland entertained the audience of thousands at Belfast's Waterfront Easter Sunday as the Senior team competitions ended the ninth and final day of the World Irish Dancing Championships hosted by An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha. 

Congratulations to all of the competitors in the Senior Ladies' and Senior Men events this year, and best wishes for continued success and enjoyment with Irish dancing in your adult lives!

2012 World Irish Dancing Championships
Top 10 Senior Ladies

1-Suzanne Coyle - McLaughlin - Scotland
2-Claire Greaney - Hession - Ireland
3-Simona Mauriello - Maguire-O'Shea - England
4-Emma Warren - Elaine Kavanagh - Ireland
5-Siobhan Casey - Doherty - England/Wales
6-Frances Dunne - Doherty - England/Wales
7-Nicole Donaghy - McLaughlin - Scotland
8-Rebecca Loughran - Doherty - England/Wales
9-Janine Taggart - Doherty - England/Wales
10-Colbee Mifsud - Kennedy - Ireland

Top 10 Senior Men

1-Michael Holland - Richens/Timm - USA
2-Jan Gaca - Ceim Oir - England
3-Daithi Fisher - Doherty - Ireland
4-Benedict Devlin - Maguire O'Shea - England
5-Sam Davies - Ui She - Ireland
6-Jonathon Srour - Broesler - USA
7-Nicholas Andison - Butler-Fearon-O'Connor - Canada
8-Ryan Fox - Doherty - Ireland
9-Conor Kennedy - Kenny - England/Wales
10-Michael Padgett - Doherty - Ireland


Stay tuned for more photos and results from team and solo competitions from the 2012 World Irish Dancing Championships!

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