Jack Quinn
2012 All-Ireland, World and British National Irish Dancing Champion
Boys under 14
Photo courtesy Alanna Lynch

It is not a surprise that two of the 2012 World and All Ireland Irish Dancing champions topped the podiums in their competitions at the British National Irish Dancing Championships today.  Jack Quinn, who dances with Ui She in the Leicester region of Ireland, is a three-time World Irish Dancing Champion and has held the All Ireland Irish Dancing Champion title since 2010.  He also won the 2011 Great Britain Irish Dancing Championship.  He is now also the 2012 British National Irish Dancing Champion for Boys under 14.

Ruari McCabe, who won the Boys under 11 event today, is from Morgan in the North West region of England.  Like Quinn, McCabe is also the 2012 World and the defending All Ireland Irish Dancing Champion since 2011, the first year he was eligible to compete in that major competition.

The following are the Top 10 results for the Girls and Boys under 14 and Girls and Boys under 11 from Friday's competitions.

Girls under 14 Top 10
Champion Jessica Everitt  Sean Eireann McMahon:  Midlands, England/Wales
2 Cyra Taylor  McConomy Bradley:  Ulster, Ireland
3 Rohan Bole  Caroline Greene:  Scotland
4 Leah Pinnegar-Biddlecombe  Aaron Crosbie:  Southern, England
5 Ciara Loughran  King:  Northwest, England
6 Aiofe Griffin  Marion Flanagan:  Southern, England
7 Nina Rawlings  Burke:  Northwest, England
8 Jessica Pavier  Inis Cara:  Midlands, England/Wales
9 Olivia Lennon  Kenny:  Midlands, England/Wales
10 Rebekah Bell  Ard Rialla O'Donoghue:  Leicester, Ireland

Boys under 14 Top 10
Champion Jack Quinn  Ui She:  Leicester, Ireland
2 Curtis Long  Doherty:  Ulster, Ireland
3 Conor Rodgers  Doherty: Ulster, Ireland
4 Ryan McCrory  Doherty:  Ulster, England
5 Conor Norton  Aaron Crosbie:  Southern, England
6 Nathan McGhee  Coleman:  Connaught, Ireland
7 Patrick McKenna  Morgan:  Northwest, England
8 Tim Allcock  Brooks: Southern, England
9 Rory Blanche  Trainor:  Southern, England
10 Connor Purdy  Inis Cara:  Midlands, England/Wales

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Girls under 11 Top 10
Champion Emma Casey  McConomy:  Ulster, Ireland
2 Nicole McConway  McConomy Bradley:  Ulster, Ireland
3 Clodagh Davis  Carson:  England
4 Eimear Fahy  McDonagh-Byrne:  Connaught, Ireland
5 Shauna Johnston  Coleman:  Connaught, Ireland
6 Rubie Caulfield  Aaron Crosbie: Southern, England
7 Sarah McDowell  Ar Rialla O'Donoghue:  Leicester, Ireland
8 Chloe Devine  Mulvenna:  Ulster, Ireland
9 Olivia Allen  Claddagh:  Southern, England
10 Imogen Burridge  Brooks:  Southern, England

Boys under 11 Top 10
Champion Ruairi McCabe  Morgan: Northwest, England
2 Adam McGhee  Coleman:  Connaught, Ireland
3 Ciaran Coyle  Scanlon:  Midlands, England/Wales
4 Oliver Gething  Boyle O'Dowda:  Southern, England
5 Liam Starkie  Morgan:  Northwest, England
6 Devlin Brant  Ceim Oir:  Southern, England
7 Mikey Healey  Coleman:  Connaught, Ireland
8 Marshall Lally  McAteer:  Northwest, England
9 Sean Dillon  McAteer: Northwest, England
10 Louis Cuddy  Delaney: Southern, England

Congratulations to the champions and to all the dancers who are competing this weekend everywhere!

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