Sean Hayes who played the brilliant character Jack McFarland on "Will & Grace" has been cast as Larry in the upcoming "Three Stooges" project by the Farrelly Brothers.

The actor will go straight from his role on Broadway in "Promises, Promises" back to the big screen in the Farrelly Brother's take of the 1930 slap-stick comedy classic. His last big screen appearance was in "The Buck List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

Will Sasso, from MADtv will play the role of Curly which the role of Moe is still up for grabs. Initially the cast was going to be Sean Penn as Larry with Benicio del Toro and Jim Carrey playing Moe and Curly. Now there are rumors circulating that Johnny Knoxville and "The Simpsons" Hank Azaria, Andy Samberg, Paul Giamatti, and James Marsden are all in the running for the role.

The project of three 27 minute shorts will start filming in April.

Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth