The 'Campaign' actor was introduced by 'Game Of Thrones' star Peter Dinklage at the event at Sony Studios in Culver City, who joked that while Will may be funny, he is far from perfect.

He said: "If there's one thing Will knows it's comedy. Here are some things he doesn't know. He doesn't know when to stop staring at your wife in her bikini. He doesn't know the basics of dental hygiene. He doesn't know how to flush. He doesn't know how to fart the alphabet although he will try to convince you he does. However, the one thing he does know is comedy. He's the best at it and that's why  he is rightfully receiving the Comedic Genius award."

Meanwhile, Will jokingly offered to fight anyone who didn't think he was funny, saying he would meet them in the parking  lot to face off.

When accepting his award, Will said: "Most of you here think I'm funny and for that I am grateful but for those of you who don't I'll fight you all in the parking lot. My friend Peter Dinklage has offered to help me fight whoever shows up to the death or until our parking meter runs out."

Irish American Will Ferrell wins the Comedic Genius award at the MTV Movie AwardsGoogle Images