Will Ferrell claims playing a policeman has boosted his confidence. The actor plays New York detective Allen Gamble in 'The Other Guys' and admits his law-enforcement costume made him feel powerful.

He joked: "It's a great feeling of self-esteem to walk around these streets with a badge and a gun. I've been asked to leave the props at home, because I apprehended a couple of suspects last weekend, and it's truly none of my business. I've really become a vigilante for law and justice. "I'm like Batman. But without any of the skills, whatsoever."

'Boogie Nights' star Mark Wahlberg also plays a cop in the movie and says the casting was perfect as he only ever takes on a limited type of role. He told MTV: "That's all I can play: cops or crooks. In this film I just break s**t. That's all I do. I get mad at him, and I break s**t" "There's action, there's drama, there's suspense. Amazing suspense, drama, crying scenes."