The Irish-filmed drama "Camelot" has not been given the green light for production in 2011 by U.S. network Starz.

"Camelot" attracted the largest ever opening number for a new drama series on Starz during its premier on April 1 and in the UK it attracted 2.5 million. However IFTN has learnt that it will not go into production for a second season.

Filming of "Camelot" in Ardmore Studios, in Wicklow, brought in $32 million to the Irish industry over six months in 2010. The cancellation of the show will be a huge blow to the Irish film industry.



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The drama series is based on Thomas Malory's 15th century book "Le Morte d’Arthur". Its aim was to bring King Arthur to a modern audience.

The cast included Joseph Fiennes ("Flash Forward"), Eva Green ("Cracks"), Jamie Campbell Bower ("Twilight"), Tamsin Egerton ("St Trinians"), Claire Forlani ("Meet Joe Black") and Peter Mooney ("Summer Blood").