Guess the Irish don't love Robert Pattinson after all.

A web site with a target of 8,500 petitions to get Pattinson to come to Ireland has closed down - because only 85 people voted for it.

Such a shame the Irish won't be seeing the pale one with the bad 'tude on Erin's green shores any time soon.

Or maybe it is a blessing.

The site promoting it is called 'caretopetitionsite'. They say their mantra is to promote a lifestyle all about being able to 'live healthy and go green.'

And they think Robert Pattinson is a good example of that?

He apparently refuses to wash and has bad body odor - now that is living healthy for you.

He's the guy out drinking and carousing and getting knocked down by cabs while filming in New York. That's a very healthy lifestyle no doubt - please explain that one caretopetition.

The guy has more girlfriends than hot dinners, yet he is always whining about how no one understands him. He doesn't care about going green, he only cares about getting laid.

Irish people know all that and prefer real male stars like Colin Farrell - macho, outgoing, uncomplaining.

Pattinson, despite some Irish roots (his name means son of Patrick), doesn't come close.

I'm surprised he even got 85 votes.

It shows there are at least eighty five Irish people who like an empty headed pretentious movie star.

And nothing else.