Not surprisingly, it took an Irishman to notice that Robert Pattinson is a little frayed since filming began on “Remember Me” in New York City.

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, who plays Pattinson’s father in the film, says diehard RPatz fans have been swarming the “Twilight” star since he’s arrived. One mob of fans sent Pattinson flying across the street and the British actor ended up getting hit by a cab.

As a result, the superstar is avoiding his female fans to the point where security is advising him not to wave or even look at the crowds. And Pattinson is said to be “dying” to return to his home of London where everyone “is a little cooler about the fame thing.”

The RPatz contingent is now arguing on blogs and fan sites over whose fault it is for scaring their idol.

Some say it’s aggressive New Yorkers driving Pattinson away, while others blame imports from surrounding cities and even the Midwest(!)

No matter who the culprits are, as an Irish-American fan of Pattinson’s who’s also a New Yorker, I feel I should offer up the star some advice. Let’s face it: ignoring the fans isn’t doing it for ya, Rob. These girls are as hungry for their RPatz sightings as ever.

Advice for Pattinson to help keep the New York crazies at bay:

1.       Get some look alikes.

Pull a Speidi (a.k.a. the paparazzi-obsessed couple Heidi and Spencer from MTV’s “The Hills”) and hire some decoy Pattinsons to roam about New York and distract the mobs. Hey, why not bring that decoy on set to do your job of ignoring the fans while you shoot your scenes in privacy.

2.       Remember that with enough overexposure, some of these celebrity-obsessed women will get sick of you.

So give them what they want! Entertain! Do a song and dance on the streets of Manhattan! While they snap their pictures, send in the guards (your security) and hightail it outta there.

3.       If milking it for the crazed fans doesn’t work, try pleading.

If you really are as scared as the press says you are, be upfront about it. If anything, New Yorkers are straight forward and appreciate it when people are the same. Tell the most aggressive fans that you want to peacefully get your work done, and maybe they’ll leave you alone.

4.       Move to Ireland.

Irish people love you, Mr. Edward Cullen, and the British have nothin’ on the Irish when it comes to being relaxed around stars. In fact, many famous people (think Daniel Day-Lewis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick) flee to Ireland to escape the limelight and enjoy the peace and quiet. Why not follow in their footsteps? Your co-star Brosnan can give you some great tips on where to go!

5.       Something tells me none of these are going to be that effective, but just remember, Rob: all this is part of the “cost of fame.”

 If all you’re in it for is the “art,” go home to England and do some community theater. Otherwise, suck it up and deal with it ‘til your stint in New York is over.