If Irish men and women had difficulty understanding the opposite sex back in Ireland, then being thrown into the New York dating zoo with lots of different species must have been a daunting experience indeed.

The Irish Voice went into the zoo to investigate for Valentine’s Day and found some answers that are sure to rattle some cages. In short, American women and Irish men can get it on, but Irish women prefer to stick to Irish lads

Sarah Richards, an American woman born and bred in New York City, states that Irish men offer a refreshing change from the normal American man.

‘They are just a general change from the typical American douche-bag. Irish people don’t take things as seriously. It’s all about having fun and enjoying life and usually drinking. There’s a light-heartedness about them that I like. And then there’s the accent!’

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Amanda Donovan, a business major, agrees wholeheartedly with this.

‘Well besides the accent, I don’t think they’re as forward as American men. Like, they are more reserved in a sense. Most of them anyway. And they are definitely more sarcastic than American men and less serious about stuff, which I like.’

Elizabeth Rice, a bartender and songwriter originally from Chicago, says that Irish men have discovered a winning formula when it comes to thriving in the dating scene in America.

‘I think Irish men have figured out a way to be mysterious and friendly at the same time, which makes them very intriguing to American women who are always up for a new challenge’.

The integration of the Irish male into New York’s zoo has not come without its detractors however.

Alison Cusano, a theatre actress originally from New Hampshire, is outspoken in her aversion to Irish men.

‘I think they just come over here and party all the time and think they’re all that when it comes to getting girls and they get so tempted and can never say no. I think they mature very slowly, slower than American men. The Irish Curse is half true too!’

Dana Florence, working in finance, agrees with this stance but states that Irish guys are great fun nonetheless. She says that she would hunt them purely for sport, not for love.

‘I think they’re very attractive and a good time but only for a night or two. They’re very charming and that’s what you want on a day like Valentine’s Day so I’ll be looking for an Irish man that night for sure.’

Proving that the feeling is mutual, Sean Boyd, working in construction, says why he has an affinity for American women.

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‘I don’t know...I just think they’re more outgoing and sometimes easier to get along with and to have fun with. I think they’re more old-fashioned when it comes to stuff like going out and that’s the way it should be.’

Conor N, an undocumented bartender originally from County Cavan, had only five words to say when speaking of why he likes American women.

‘Pretty easy but pretty crazy!’

Stephen Morris, working in a bar in Downtown Manhattan, believes he has a very simple philosophy when it comes to Irish and American women.

‘American girls to date, Irish girls to marry. I don’t think I could ever fully trust an American girl after all I’ve seen in the bars.’

Danny Luddy, a bartender in Manhattan, disagrees with this and states that American girls are perfect partners.

‘You never know what you’re going to get...American girls are from all over the place so they’re very pretty in a different way and they’re very interested in us so they’re easier to go out with I think. They’re more loyal too I think.’

On the other side of the dating field, Irish girls speak out as to why they don’t have an attraction to American men.

Kate Reilly, living in Queens, says that she would never date an American man.
‘We’re not used to their forwardness and their expressions of emotion. They’re too clingy! You wouldn’t find an Irish man at that craic. As a nation of women I think we like our independence too much. I think they are tiring and relentless and I know plenty of girls that feel the same.’

Orlagh Reilly, working in Human Resources in Manhattan, concurs with this but says that Irish men could learn from an American man’s chivalrous methods of wooing a woman.

‘I think they are far more narcissistic, they care so much about image and themselves and they are a lot louder and hard to get along with. They are more forward but it is chivalry I suppose. There are not many Irish men that would ask you out to dinner.’

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Tina Smith, living in the Bronx, says that American men can be attractive if they just refrained from talking.

‘When you are in the city, and especially in the summer, you see so many hot men. They are so good looking but when it comes to talking, they are creepy and intense and forward and they just ruin it!’

Derek Huot, an American man who works in a bank, states that Irish girls are too scary to date.

‘I don’t like the way they dress or the way they drink. They get really loud and aggressive when they’re in bars and that scares the hell out of me!’

Justin Cole, a doorman working in a Midtown bar, agrees with this and compares Irish girls to men.

‘They’re just like dudes and I’m not attracted to dudes. I think every guy’s dream is to marry a hot chick that acts like a dude. A chick that’s really cool and likes sports and going out. But they’re too much. The way they talk and the way they act does not appeal to me at all. I think they grow up to be just like their dads. If I had my way, I’d never let them in to this bar!

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