There's even more great news for overnight singing superstar Susan Boyle.

On a major charitable auction site, Boyle has come in ahead of Latina Grammy-winning megastar (and now mother of two) Jennifer Lopez) — or JLo, as her friends call her — on a list of the women men would most pay to date.

Other than her incredible talent, the 48-year old Scot has little in common with the other primped, coiffed, pampered and generally egomaniacal women who made's list. In fact, Boyle came in ninth out of the ten megastars named -- which may be more surprising for Number 10 JLo than it is for Boyle.

Tennessee native Megan Fox of  "Transformers" fame tops the auction site's list. Singer Cheryl Cole, British artist and member of the band Girls Aloud, has had 21 UK Top Ten singles. She may not be able to make the auctioned date even if she wins: She's married to the Chelsea and England football player Ashley Cole.

Hollywood's highest-paid actress and multiple Oscar winner Angelina Jolie, whose partner is the equally sexy and wealthy actor Brad Pitt, came in third. Between her movie schedule and her rearing of almost a hundred children, she may simply be too exhausred to me much fun on a date. Then again, Brad's not compalining.

No. 4 Katie Price parlayed frequent nude and semi-nude appearances in the British tabloid The Sun into a full-time career as a celebrity whose fame rested on, as the Daily Mail once put it, "a décolletage that defied both the laws of biology and physics."

The entire team, which is male, from the overheated British race-car show "Top Gear" locked down No. 5, and no explanations were forthcoming. Just a great bunch of guys, we guess!

Middle-aged chantesue and movie star — but still a proven man-catcher — Queen of Pop Madonna came in at No.6.

Model/actress/whatever Kelly Brook got the lucky seven. Her first film was unsurprisingly called "School for Sediction." She caused a minor controversy in 2006 opposite Juan Pablo Di Pace while filming "Survival Island" (also known as "Three") co-starring Billy Zane, who would later become her fiancé. Brook requested her nude scenes with Di Pace be excised from the final cut, which of course, they were not.

Pop icon Kylie Minogue, at No. 8, has had an interesting life. She achieved a string of hit records early in her career, but waned in the early 1990s. She then distanced herself from her earlier work and attempted to establish herself as a credible and independent performer and songwriter, but her albums failed to attract a substantial audience. She returned to popularity as a pop artist in 2000, and became well-known for her elaborate music videos and expensively mounted stage shows. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, Minogue returned to performing and recording in late 2006 after a period of convalescence..

Then, of course, came the beloved Boyle and the bottom-feeder, JLo.

Boyle jokingly confessed in the "Britain's Got Talent" auditions that she had "never been kissed," which caused the straitlaced British tabloid press to mock her as "the 48-year-old virgin" at every possible opportunity.

But fame can make many changes in the lives of those it touches, and commenting on the woman who dared to "dream a dream" and have it come true, Managing Director Juha Koski said "It just goes to show that fame and power can be powerful aphrodisiacs. It looks like Susan Boyle may not be on the market that long with this amount of popularity."