The tiny village of Termonfeckin in County Louth in Ireland is being swamped by Harry Potter fans.

Termonfeckin is home to Evanna Lynch, the Irish actress who plays Luna Lovegood in the hit wizard movie.

Now, locals say they are being inundated with queries from star-struck fans.

"I've lost count of the amount of times someone asks me where Evanna Lynch lives," said local woman Ann Robinson.

"There has been a little bit of interest over the past couple of years but this year it has completely exploded," she said.

"It's the same everywhere. All these sweet little fans looking to find her."

A besotted American fan asked Yahoo Answers "where is Termonfeckin?" saying that they wanted to live "in the hometown of Evanna Lynch."

"Every day someone comes in and asks for directions to Luna Lovegood's house," says a clerk at the local gas station.

"I don't feel right letting them know, so I say I don't know."

And it appears that the kind-hearted villagers of Termonfeckin have closed ranks round their international star.

Another local, Mary Smith, said the intrusions were outrageous.

"The Lynches have been living here for ages and they deserve their privacy," she said.

"If anyone asked me where they lived I'd send them up Castlego Hill for themselves."

Smith is referring to a steep hill outside the village which leads to the nearby village of Clogherhead.

And it's not just the village either.

Fans have been spotted outside Greenhills school in the town of Drogheda desperate for a sighting of Evanna.

Mind you, they'll need to watch their behavior near the school for Evanna's father Donal Lynch is also the vice-principal!