While the entire world awaits the arrival of Susan Boyle’s first album, exactly where Boyle will debut the record is fast becoming the key question in the much anticipated maiden effort from the Scottish songstress.

The November 23 launch will see Boyle back under the spotlight, and it is believed that she would like nothing else but to launch her debut cd on the BBC radio show of her idol, Elaine Paige.

However, it is understood that entertainment mogul Simon Cowell would prefer to see Boyle launch her cd on talent show “X factor “, or another such high profile TV show.

Boyle is a along time admirer of Paige and when she finally met her idol during an interview with Today show host Meredith Viera in July, she was suitably awestruck

“Gosh, but it's a thrill for me to at last meet you, because I have been wanting to say hello and to meet you for some time now. So at last these lovely people have given me the opportunity to come and say hello to you.”

Boyle’s new album “I dreamed a dream” is said to be a collection of her favorite show tunes, including the two songs that made her a sensation.

November cannot come soon enough to hear Susan’s CD!