Robert Pattinson wasn't always famous, you know. Before he hit the big time with the 'Twilight' series he was once a lazy teenager with nothing on his mind.

This week Pattinson has revealed what he loves doing, more than anything in the world and it may not be what you're expecting. The 'Twilight' hunk told the press: 'I love doing nothing more than anything in the world.'

'I used to never do anything. Ever. And I miss that.'

Rob shot to fame since he landed the role of Edward Cullen in the 'Twilight 'series but despite all the cameras and fan adoration the young actor said his life hasn't changed that much.

"I haven't changed but some of the things in my life have. If I could live in the place I used to live I would."

Something tells us that a little flat in London is out of the question for the sought-after star these days.