For Niall Horan, from One Direction, it’s an Irish fry, for “Game of Thrones” star Liam Cunnigham it’s “the banter” but for most Irish people what they miss most about Ireland is the “craic”.

The video for Ryan Sheridan song “Home” illustrates, perfectly, the fact that is doesn’t matter where you are or how well you’re doing there are certain things about home you just can’t replicate. The video shows Irish stars and normal folk holding up signs, all over the world, describing what they miss.

The moving song, featured in the box office hit “Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie”, started when Sheridan put a call out to expats across the globe and asked what they missed most about Ireland. Many celebrities were among those who wanted to pay tribute to home.

Among there was Saoirse Ronan who said she craves her Mammy’s roast dinner. MTV presenter Laura Whitmore longs for a chicken fillet roll and Republic of Ireland soccer team captain Robbie Keane longs for a pint of Guinness while Brendan O’Carroll simply misses “his Dublin.”

Family and friends were a recurring topic for the expats along with grass, weather, the coast, certain discount stores (Penney’s), Tayto crisps, fish and chips, and peace and quiet.

As if this wasn’t enough of a tear jerker here’s Tourism Ireland’s advert for St. Patrick’s Day #IrelandInspires: