Google’s annual search rankings revealed the top topics the people of Ireland were looking up on the well-known search engine in 2014.

It seems Ireland’s passion for soccer placed the summer’s World Cup in Brazil among the most searched topics for the year.

Irish people also searched up a storm when it came to celebrity names. Sadly, the top names all had to do with tragedy. They were Robin Williams, Peaches Geldof, Michael Schumacher and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The Croke Park concert fiasco this summer and country music star Garth Brooks won himself a mention on the most searched for music artist list and in the top ten most searched news stories.

County Clare’s Cliffs of Moher was the most searched-for location, followed by Galway.

Not all that surprisingly Kim Kardashian and Kayne’s honeymoon trip to Ireland and her magazine cover antics saw her win the spot of Ireland’s top trending person.

“Frozen” won the title of most searched for movie.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor had another reasonable showing at number two for sports personalities just below Schumacher.

The crash of the Malaysia Airlines' Beijing-bound flight MH370 also caught users’ attention as did the Ebola epidemic both earning spots in the top trending searches.

Here’s a pretty moving video from Google which reminds you just how much has happened in the world in 2014:

Here’s to 2015!