The most talked about couple - aside from Brad and Angelina - are supposedly planning to get married.

"Twilight" stars, Kristen Stewart and her beau Robert Pattinson are rarely seen together in public and have never officially confirmed they are an item but everyone knows they are.

I've written before about RPatz allegedly popping the question to KStew and now one of his "friends" is supposedly talking up the marriage.

The friend of 23-year old RPatz said he "is so love with Kristen, he has proposed to her countless times already."

"He's just waiting for her to say yes."

The source added: "They believe they're soul mates and want to be together forever. They're just really happy they've found each other."

That's nice and all that but in all honesty they are still a bit young don't you think?

They may get wed in "Twilight" in all that "soul mate" crap but in real life???

Don't do it just yet guys.