Long car trips are not usually full of fun and excitement, but this Irish American dad from Georgia figured out a way to make them a little bit better for his teenage kids.

Chris O’Malley started filming lip-syncing sessions with his two kids, Briana, 17, and Sean, 15. Friends thought the videos were so great when he posted them on Facebook, he told TODAY, that they encouraged him to put them on YouTube.

The O’Malleys didn’t think they had a viral hit on their hands, but then again it isn’t every day that you get a father and son gamely lip-syncing along to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”! What started as a macho rocking out to Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” ended very differently, and the video has since clocked in 1.2 million views – check it out:

O’Malley told TODAY he thinks it’s important for parents to have fun with their teens and to show their goofy sides.

"I think a wall is there, and just being silly and cutting loose takes those walls down and gets teens talking," he said.

"I hope this video encourages more parents to do fun stuff with their kids, and I hope teenagers can get over being cool for a minute and goof off with Mom and Dad."

We want to go on the next O’Malley road trip!