Warner Bros. caused an Internet feeding frenzy Thursday night by releasing 80 pages of “Dark Knight Rises” production notes for free download, the Huffington Post reported. Production notes - including a synopsis, interviews and details about the production of the film - are usually only made available to the press at pre-screenings. 

According to the Huffington Post, here are the most important things to know out of those 80 whopping pages:

*Half the movie was shot with IMAX cameras, and IMAX even developed new lenses specifically for “Dark Knight Rises” to facilitate shooting in low light. So see it in IMAX.

*The Batcave returns.

*“The Dark Knight Rises” was shot in New York, because this time, it’s all about Gotham.

*Although Anne Hathaway did most of her own stunts, that’s not her riding the Bat-Pod.

* According to Bane (portrayed by Tom Hardy), “The shadows betray you because they belong to me.”

*Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a young, “idealistic” policeman. As if we’d expect anything else from him.

*Batman has a bit of a paunch to begin with. Well, it’s been eight years.

*The “Dark Knight Rises” prologue was filmed with minimal special effects.


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