I think we can all probably remember at least one time in our lives when we were having such a wonderful dream, we didn’t want it to end. This recently happened to a very precious seven-year-old step dancer, Andee, from the Irish Stars Parker School of Irish Dance. Her mom Julee shared a story of what happened when she recently went to wake Andee up on a crisp autumn morning.

Andee woke quite groggy and somewhat disappointed that morning had arrived. After stretching she said: “Mommy, I don’t want to get up. I was having the most wonderful dream. I was finally able to do toe stands.”

Anyone who knows Andee knows that she lives, sleeps and dreams about Irish dance. She has both ghilles and hard shoes and dances in both beautifully. She watches the older, more experienced dancers in their hard shoes doing toe stands and wants to be like them. She understands that her Irish dance teachers, Dawn and Jacque Parker, don’t want her to do them until she is strong enough to do so properly. So for now, she does them in her dreams.

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I am quite confident that when Andee is strong enough, she will do them with grace, poise and determination. After all, she is getting a lot of practice in her dreams.

Do you go over your steps in your dreams? What’s the craziest Irish dancing dream you’ve ever had? Share in the comments below.

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