He’s king of the box office yet again with his latest hit “Couples Retreat,” and Vince Vaughn is doing the rounds on a promotional victory lap in Europe. Dublin, it appears, was easily his favorite stop.

Vaughn did a guest spot on RTE’s “Late Late Show” last Friday night, and besides garnering chuckles for mispronouncing Galway as “Gahl-way” – host Ryan Tubridy teased that he could be a “real Irishman” back home by saying it the correct way, and that his surname would be pronounced “Vaw-han” if he lived in Ireland –the star spoke warmly of his trips to Ireland in the past.

“I have a lot of Irish ancestors and I’ve been here many times. The Ring of Kerry is beautiful, but I’m always scared of driving on the little roads y’all have here,” Vaughn said. “And (the signs) say, ‘40 people killed on this road,’ so it doesn’t give you a lot of confidence.”

Three years ago Vaughn spent time in Belfast with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams filming a documentary on the many political murals that line parts of the city.  

“I went to Belfast and I took the black cab tour and was really blown away by the murals,” Vaughn said.

“I got a bunch of folks up there to talk and give their perspective on the murals. We (Adams and himself) got to talk to some of the artists which was really amazing. It’s a really interesting documentary and focuses on the art and the artists.”

Vaughn brought his fiancée Kyla Weber on the trip, and she had fun checking out Irish castles among other things. (Maybe she was scouting wedding locations?!) The Irish premiere of “Couples Retreat” was held at the Savoy Cinema on Friday, and hundreds of fans lined the red carpet to catch a glimpse of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars – and that’s literal, as Vaughn stands at 6’5”.

"I've been here in Dublin many times but my fiancée hasn't so I wanted to show her around," he told Ireland’s Evening Herald.

"We took a double decker bus tour all around the town, we went to the Guinness factory, we did a lot of things around town. It was great fun. I think it's a fantastic city."

The Herald reported that Vaughn was hoping to grab an extra day in Dublin before jetting off for more promo work. Not that “Couples Retreat” needs a big push – it’s grabbed close to $65 million in less than two weeks in the U.S., and also leads the Irish box office, according to Tubridy.