The ties that bind father to daughter, nation to nation are on display in "Vietnam: Our Father Daughter Journey" by Ed and Zoeann Murphy. (Full disclosure: This columnist is proud to call the authors his cousins.) The book is a written as well as photographic journey through recent decades, covering the tumultuous events which led Murphy to Vietnam in the 1960s, protest back home in the 1970s, and then back to Vietnam as the past painfully began to recede. Ed provides much of the historical context, discussing his Irish Catholic Democratic upbringing in almost rural Staten Island, his flirtation with a life inside the church, and then his trip to Vietnam, where he helped wage war before coming home and fighting to end the conflict. Zoeann's photos capture the beauty and vitality which drew both of them back to this divided nation decades after the war had ended. Along the way, both reflect on war and peace, family and art.