Van Morrison’s love child died 11 months ago – before the baby’s grieving mother Gigi Lee lost her battle with cancer.

Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper has reported that the child, christened George Ivan Morrison III, died earlier this year.

Morrison suffered more heartache in October when his lover Lee died aged just 44 after losing her battle with cancer.

The news was kept secret from American friends of Morrison’s former tour manager who have only now discovered that her child, known as Little Van, is dead as well.

Lifelong friend Carla Higdon, 46, said: “It is so incredibly sad. I am devastated.”

Texas born Lee refused to undergo chemotherapy on her throat cancer while she was pregnant. She died at a hospice in Belfast after moving to Northern Ireland with Morrison.


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The pair courted controversy at the time of Little Van’s birth when the singer claimed an announcement of the arrival of his son on his official website was a hoax.

It later transpired that Lee was appointed as a director of 14 of Morrison’s companies in the months before the birth of their son.

Lee was diagnosed with cancer two months before her son was born and shared that news with close associates.

Friend Higdon added: “She pulled back her hair and showed me a lump in her neck. It was huge. It was like the skin around it had caved in.

“They told her that the tumour had wound itself around her carotid artery and if they tried to remove it, her face would be paralysed and her speech would be impaired.

“She was in great pain and was very shaken. She was afraid most of all for the baby. The doctors told her she could have radiation treatment after the baby was born.”