By being an organ donor, late Irish musician and songwriter Taidhg Burke Neff saved the lives of nine others following a fatal car crash last October in Bantry, co. Cork.

His close friend, musician Pa Curran, was moved to write a song called “Unintentional Hero” dedicated to Taidhg and every organ donor who was able to give countless others a second chance at life.

The song is quite emotionally charged and his newly released video even more so – a beautiful piece that begins with organ recipients stating “I am alive,” thanks to their unintentional heroes.

Curran teamed up with the Ray D’Arcy Show to locate families of late organ donors, and the remainder of his video includes beautiful shots of the families holding framed photographs of the deceased.

“We as a family are so, so proud of our Taidhg—it is a great comfort at such a time of deep, deep grief and sorrow to know that so many benefitted from Taidhg’s organs,” Taidhg’s mother said in an interview with Ray D’Arcy. “What a beautiful legacy and farewell to this world.”

It’s bittersweet, of course, with the death of one allowing life for another; Curran does a lovely job showing both sides, and it’s having quite an impact on viewers.