U2’s guitarist the Edge joined, English rock band, Muse on stage at Glastonbury on Saturday. Muse played the main “Pyramid Stage” at the festival bringing the second day to a close.

U2’s plans to be the headliners act at this year, the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury, were kyboshed as Bono was rushed for emergency surgery. The surgery quite possibly saved the singer from permanent paralysis but meant that he has to rest up for two months. He’s expected to be ready for the resumption of the groups show in August.

On Saturday night the end of Muse’s show brought the greatest surprise. After a lengthily break before the encore the band returned with the Edge in tow. They played “Where the Streets Have no Name,” with the Edge’s trademark guitar sounds adding to the theater of the surprise.

Matt Bellamy, front of Muse simply said “This is our friend the Edge”, at the end of the song. The two bands became quick friends and Muse supported U2 on tour.

The show was spectacular, with an amazing lighting show, great vocals, the Edge’s always brilliant guitar sounds and thousands singing U2’s lyrics back to them.

This year Glastonbury plays host to 1,200 acts. It’s no wonder it’s thought to be the best musical festival in the world.

The Edge played with Muse at Glastonbury