Broadway's most expensive musical of all time ($65 million) will return to the stage on Thursday night. The show under U2's Bono has been overhauled significantly over the last three weeks.

In an interview with the New York Times Bono talked about how the show has been changed. He said "What was not right about it was a catalog of commonplace problems — story knots, bad sound and, finally, a failure to cohere, meaning that the whole was not greater than the sum of the parts, as wonderful as some of those parts were."

According to the New York Times article the original director, Julie Taymor's, production has mostly been abandoned and replaced by a crowd-pleasing, family-friendly version which is highly connected to its comic book roots. The new show also includes more flying sequences and has added new music from U2's Bono and Edge. It will also have more supporting cast.

In Bono's email interview with the Times he said that he hoped to keep the show's story focused on the major theme that made Spider Man such a successful comic. Taymor's version of the story focused on the spider goddess, Arachne who was created especially for the show. Bono's plan is to have the action all center around Spider Man's heroism.

He told the Times "In Turn Off the Dark 2.0, the myth of Arachne does not overpower the reason people are there…to discover what makes Peter Parker a superhero, which in the end turns out not to be his spider senses, but his personal integrity and especially his humility — something I hope all of us in this process have learned from."

Officially the show reopens on June 14. It seems that "Spider Man: Turn off the Dark" is set to break another world record. The world's longest preview run on Broadway.


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