U2’s front man Bono and guitarist The Edge appeared on the finale of “American Idol” backed by, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” star, Reeve Carney to perform the new track for the Broadway Show, “Rise Above 1."

The song was performed in front of a giant spider web set lit with red lights as two “Spider-Man” stuntmen flew over the heads of the audience. At the end of the song, Spider-Man descended upside down, a la Toby Maguire in the famous Kristen Dunst kiss scene from the movie, stopping just in front of Jennifer Lopez’s face.

The Broadway musical is officially the most expensive show every produced, the bill now running up to $70 million.

Bono and The Edge swooped in shutting down the preview run of the show in an effort to reshape the musical. Speaking on “American Idol” Bono agreed with the bad review of the show. He recently admitted that it was “among the worst” musicals ever made.

The musical was also thought to be cursed with various staff on site and cast members being in accidents along with major technical difficulties. Eventually the show was shutdown and director Julie Taymor (“The Lion King”) was relieved of her duties.

It is due to reopen on June 14, after a two-month break, and after a serious revamp.