Disco era lovers are in double mourning these days over the deaths of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb, two legends whose music will be forever remembered by generations.

In New York last week, Bono paid a heartfelt tribute to Summer, the ultimate disco diva who shockingly passed away from lung cancer at only 63 years of age. “Her version of ‘State of Independence’ is in my top five,” Bono said at a charity event at the Apollo Theater.

“I have one thing to say about Donna Summer. Anyone who hasn’t heard ‘State of Independence’ – I’m not sure there is anyone – put that on. That’s all you need to know about music, that’s all you need to know about her, that’s all you need to know about a lot of things.”

High praise indeed from an artist who’s created his share of great music – but we’ll have to disagree and vote for “Bad Girls” as Summer’s most unforgettable song, especially for a Saturday night dance party.

And poor Gibb lost his heroic battle against colorectal cancer over the weekend as well. He was only 62, and his legacy with the Bee Gees is firmly written in stone.

Gibb’s Irish wife, Dwina Murphy, mother of his son Robin Junior, was at his side throughout his ordeal. A native of Co. Tyrone and a Druid priestess, Dwina tried everything to prolong her husband’s life, even some unconventional remedies like spider medicines.

But alas, he was unable to carry on, even though it was his fervent wish to live as long as possible, Dwina said.

“The doctors asked Robin if he wanted them to do everything in their power to save his life — or if he felt the time would come when enough was enough. He told them, ‘There will NEVER be a time when enough is enough. I want to live no matter what,’” Dwina said last month when Robin first went into a coma.

Bono, not surprisingly, also has something to say about the Bee Gees.  Back in 2001 a special aired in the U.K. about the Brothers Gibb and their enduring influence. Bono couldn’t have agreed more.

”In terms of bands, there are five extraordinary catalogs that make me feel ill with envy. It doesn't have to be said the Bee Gees are up there with the Beatles,” said Bono in a statement read by the show’s host.

Hopefully both great artists are happily dancing under a big disco ball high in the sky.

U2 frontman BonoAlex Wong/Getty Images