Adam Clayton, U2’s bass guitarist, is attempting to stop his former personal assistant from selling his $465,000 apartment in New York.

Clayton has been fighting a case in the courts that Ms Hawkins, his ex-PA misappropriated huge amounts of money during her time working for him. The bassist believes that Hawkins bought the New York apartment with his money, paying cash.

The Irish Courts have already ordered her not to reduce her assets to under $2.3 million.

Hawkins has constantly denied misappropriating considerable sums or buying property, expensive cars and jewelry. She does admit that she used credit cards and took money without permission.

Yesterday in court, Emily Egan, Clayton’s lawyer, said he is going to apply in New York for a freezing order on the apartment. Alternatively he will have a lis pendens (lawsuit pending) notice attached to the apartment.

The case will adjourn for two weeks while the cross jurisdictions order is clarified. Egan said that this would give Hawkins time to reply however, they would continue with their actions in two weeks whether she was ready or not.

In court in December 2009, Senior Counsel, Paul Sreenan outlined when Clayton was first aware of any issues with Hawkins. He said that in 2007 Hawkins confessed that she had taken $16,500 of his money.

Compassionately Clayton kept her in employment but altered his financial arrangements slightly. However, it then emerged that Hawkins was using his debit and credit cards for her own use. In November of last year her employment was terminated.