Bono may be a peacemaker, but apparently he’s no tree hugger.

Environmentalists claim that U2’s 360 Tour, which consists of 44 stadium shows across the globe, will create enough carbon emissions to fly the Irish rock band all the way to Mars.

Conservationists probably want to send them there. Environmental consultant Helen Roberts of explained the staggering effects of the band’s carbon emissions with another analogy, saying: "Looking at the 44 concerts, U2 will create enough carbon to fly all 90,000 people attending one of their Wembley dates (in London) to Dublin.”

Other equivalents include leaving a light bulb on for 159,000 years, or averaging out the annual waste produced by 6,500 British people.

And that’s just one year of anti-green action – U2 has the same number of shows set for 2010.

The band could potentially cut their CO2 emissions by almost 75 percent if they shipped their three 390-ton stages, including the famous “Claw,” to North America by sea, instead of air.

Even still, however, the U2 360 Tour will have one of the highest carbon emission rates – higher than Madonna’s 2006 world tour.

Roberts says the Irish megaband can redeem itself – that is, if they take the time to plant 20,118 trees a year.

A pretty lofty goal, but it was U2 frontman Bono who recently said a “prayer” that “we become better in looking after our planet.”

In that case, we better hold the Irishman to it.