U2 will play the first of their three gigs at Croke Park tonight, and fans are flocking from all corners of the globe to see the band play in its hometown.

Over 10,000 souls from foreign shores are expected to flock into the city to experience a must see in any U2 fan’s life – the band performing on their home turf.

As Dublin swings to the sounds of eager fans welcoming the fantastic foursome home on the Irish leg of their latest world tour, concert goers can rev themselves up safe in the knowledge that the band knows that this too is one of the big dates on the tour.

On U2’s official website, the Edge said in a video that the only way to describe the atmosphere at homecoming concerts was one that reached “metaphysical peaks.”

“There is this aura about Dublin that has developed over the years, so if you ask any U2 fan anywhere in the world the place they want to see the band is always Dublin,” said U2's lead guitarist.

“Every time we go on the stage we feel like there is a special chemistry between the band and the audience, but there is, I think, when we play in Dublin, another level that the crowd get to, and that takes us to another level.”

Bono also chimed in on the video to tell fans that preparations for the hometown gig are going to plan.

‘Rehearsals are going very well. The main event should be even better – Croke Park.”

So for all you lucky souls with a ticket to tonight ‘s gig, have a good one.  The rest of us around the world will be green with envy.