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Irish chat show host Pat Kenny, who’s filled the chair of the country’s most popular program, "Late Late Show," for the past 10 years, retired last Friday night and received one heck of a going away gift – an appearance by U2 on his final broadcast, and the gift of a very rare guitar from The Edge.

The band performed their latest single, “Magnificent,” and chatted with Kenny about any number of topics, including, naturally, the upcoming tour which they intend to be groundbreaking in every way.

“We haven't seen (the stage) yet but we've seen some footage of it as it's been built in Belgium and I have to say I looked at it today and thought, 'Oh my God we've actually designed the Eiffel Tower!' It's this huge thing. It's pretty amazing,” Edge revealed.

Though the new tour has sold out pretty much all over the world, drummer Larry Mullen says that playing at home is an extra special event. They’ll get the chance to do that at Croke Park for three nights at the end of July. (“U2360” will make its world debut in Barcelona on June 30.)

“Expectations are always high, particularly in your homeland, but you know, that's what we do. We fly the flag wherever we can. And nowhere prouder than in our homeland,” said Mullen.

“So you take the pressure on, understanding that your family and your friends are expecting great things. They hear about all the stuff you do around the world and they want you to come home and show that you can do it for them as well.”

Though Ireland’s Celtic Tiger economy of a few years back has certainly taken a lickin’, U2 fully intends to spread the word about their country during their travels – they’ll be on the road for nearly two years when all is said and done.

“Larry was saying just a few days ago...I thought it was smart...that we have to, wherever we go, whether it's Barcelona, whether it's Chicago, just tell people about this little gem, this little jewel on the north Atlantic and how extraordinary its people are and how innovative and how smart they are and they'll get their way out of this mess. We're just going to tell them that nightly,” Bono says.