The Broadway musical of Spider-Man, with music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge, has been plagued with money problems since the project was announced last year. The show was supposed to be the big musical debuting on the Great White Way this spring, but that’s not happening and it will be the end of the year at the earliest before show bows.

U2’s manager Paul McGuinness told the Evening Herald in Ireland that the show is definitely still on track, and will even tour the world one day.

"We are working on the Spider-Man musical in New York, which Bono and Edge are writing," McGuinness said.

"The likelihood is that it will open on Broadway and then there will be productions of it around the world and I'm sure a touring production of Spider-Man will come (to Dublin) one day. That would be good."

Tony Award winner Alan Cumming is still down to play the Green Goblin, but co-star Evan Rachel Wood had to back out because of the production delays, so her pivotal role of MJ has to be re-cast.

“She’s the greatest actor of her generation….  She’s a very pure spirit and a very bright mind and she brings the part of MJ to life, really,” Bono said of Wood’s casting at the time.