U2 guitarist the Edge is not a big fan of jamming. "I try and avoid it at all costs. Jamming is really the most awful, excruciating experience for me, I really don't enjoy it," he says.

"First of all, that's not how I work as a guitar player. I compose using the instrument, I don't really sit down and play for the sake of playing stuff.

"So the idea of jamming - endless, directionless noodling around some nondescript chord progression - I really find very boring."

The Edge was in Dublin last week for the launch of the movie, "It Might Get Loud," which focuses on guitarists Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.

The Dublin launch was a rare respite from the monster 360 Tour which earned a whopping $123 million in the U.S. for the band, who sold more than 1.3 million tickets along the way

U2's success put them well ahead of nearest rival Bruce Springsteen who earned a not-too-shabby $94.5 million.

Here's the full Top 10 for U.S. tours and sales

U2 - $123 million
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - $94.5 million.
Elton John and Billy Joel - $88 million
Britney Spears - $82.5 million
AC/DC - $77.9 million
Kenny Chesney - $71.1 million
Jonas Brothers - $69.8 million
Dave Matthews Band - $56.9 million
Fleetwood Mac - $54.4 million
Metallica - $53.4 million