A furious row has broken out over U2's mini-gig in Germany Thursday night as part of the MTV European Music Awards.

U2 - who brought on Jay-Z as their surprise guest - played a free gig at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate.

However, thousands of people who had gathered to see the concert were blocked off by a massive wall.

The irony of a "wall" covered in white plastic sheeting almost identical to the colour of the original Berlin wall was lost on exactly no one.

One fan spoke for many when he echoed President Ronald Reagan's decades-old demand of then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. "Mr Bono tear down this wall," said Andreas Lintz, a 24-year old student.

However, Bono made no comment when he did a walkabout earlier in the day.

The band kicked off with "One" and Bono said he wanted to thank the fans "for coming out in the cold" before wishing Berlin a happy birthday. 

Bono introduced Jay Z as the Mayor of New York (which will be news to Mike Bloomberg who paid $100m for that particular privilege) before the band did a rap version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday." 

All in all the band played six songs; "One,""'Magnificent,""'Sunday, Bloody Sunday, "Beautiful Day," with Jay-Z,"'Vertigo" and "Moment f Surrender."