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The family men that make up U2 will call their summer houses in the South of France their home base during the European leg of their U2360 Tour this summer.

Ireland’s Herald reports Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton are all planning to grab their families and head to their vacation homes on the Cote D’Azur before their tour kicks off in Barcelona on June 30.

From there, the Irish mega band will have a private jet stationed at Nice Airport to transport them to gigs in countries from Spain to the Netherlands, and back to Ireland.

Bono and The Edge have neighboring villas in Eze Sur Mer, while Larry and Adam own homes in nearby neighborhoods.

In fact, U2 has pretty much taken over the Cote D’Azur, with band manager Paul McGuinness buying a villa in the area in 2002 after The Edge was married there.

When asked by “60 Minutes” in 2006 why U2 chose the South of France to camp out in, Bono replied: “They are very tolerant of loud, Irish people here, as you can see. I like to keep a low profile.”

U2’s frontman has equated the privacy on the Cote D’Azur with that on Ireland. “Our thing in being in U2 is like how do you be, but not have to have all that bulls**t that goes with being famous, and so answer number 1? Live in Ireland. Okay, that helps.

“Answer number 2 — live in the south of France. Why live in France? Because the French are so snobbish. The French are so into themselves they don't even notice you,” he joked.

Larry Mullen has poked fun of the band for sticking so close together – even while on vacation.

“What kind of band goes on holidays to the same place?” he’s said.

But Mullen was able to answer his own question: “We are a tight family, with all the pluses and disadvantages of that.”

The highly anticipated U2360 tour will make its world debut on the 30th in Barcelona, where the monstrous stage, dubbed “The Claw,” is already constructed. The band’s rehearsals are set to begin soon.