A recording of two Irish boys playing Rihanna's 'We Found Love' has become
an online sensation.

Harrison Dodo, 16, and Robert Scanlon, 11, filmed their video on a mobile phone in a cul-de-sac in Celbridge, County Kildare, and uploaded it to YouTube. The video has been seen by over one million people, including American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The attention has taken Rob's dad by surprise.

"I wasn't surprised by his vocal ability. I've heard him sing a lot and he has formed a band with a few other friends from school," said Darren Scanlon, who works for an IT company.

"I didn't know they recorded a video but how the whole thing has snowballed has been unbelievable.

"It's an exciting time for the lads. They have had a few radio appearances and even appeared on an Irish TV show.

"Robert isn't so fussed about the whole thing though. He is annoyed as he is missing out on playing football with his mates."

The two boys attend media engagements in the evenings after school and on weekends.

Said Rob, "I don't why we recorded the video. I sing all the time around house. I was just outside playing and Harrison asked me to sing for him," he said.

"I'd like to be a singer and for this to keep going and get bigger and bigger."

Harrison told the BBC that he always enjoyed rapping. He said he'd heard Robert sing before and knew he was good.

"I was round his cul-de-sac with my friends, I saw him out playing and I said to them - you have got to hear this kid sing!" he said.

The boys got to meet Robbie Williams who described them as 'the next big thing'.

"I had my guitar and we messed about a bit and then someone filmed it on their phone. It was uploaded to YouTube and it went crazy."

The boys were asked to perform the song on Ireland's Late Late show and perform the song. However, they had to ditch the track suits.

"We had to get some fancy clothes before we went on the show, but we got to meet Robbie Williams and he said we were the next big thing," said Robert.

They have been approached by record companies and been offered the prospect of appearing on TV in America.

"We're not saying what we are doing at the moment but I'm sure you'll be seeing us again very soon," Harrison said.

Rihanna recorded her video for the song in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

She has not yet commented on what she thinks of the boys' video.

Robert Scanlon, 11, and Harrison Dodo, 16, (right) with Robbie Williams.