Robert Pattinson will make his fans fall in love all over again as US Magazine reports he plans on making his way back to his musician roots and recording an Indie album.

For the past few years, Pattinson (25) left his beloved music on the sideline as he took on the roles of the coveted Edward Cullen in the “Twilight Saga” films, as well as the lead roles in “Water for Elephants” and “Remember Me.”

Now that the “Twilight” films are wrapped up, the British actor has some time off before promotion begins for "Breaking Dawn-Part 1" begins, to get everything settled for the album. Pattinson has a long history with music prior to his acting days but because of his busy schedule he was not able to record anything at length.

The upcoming album will feature music similar to “Let Me Sign” and “Never Think,” which were two tracks by the heartthrob featured in the first “Twilight” film’s soundtrack. The sound of his music will be more Indie and organic says a source close to the actor, and compares Pattison to a “stripped-down” version of Van Morrison and Ray LaMontage.

"The album Rob will make will be guitar-based and drums, very organic-sounding, nothing pop,” said the source.

In an interview with Collider last year the actor spoke on his music career and where it stood in his life plans.

"I can't really seem to run the two things [acting and music] at the same time. I don't understand people who can do a music career and acting at the same time. Seems like such a different part of your brain,” he said.

“ I've been trying to write some stuff, a lot of my friends have been approached about making their first albums now, and it's pissing me off a little bit. I think at the end of the year, I think I have a few months off and I might try to do it then, I also might try to write something."

As if making his fans melt through the big screen was not enough for the ex-vampire, he will soon be finding a new home inside the iPods of all Twi-hards and music fans worldwide.

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