Between login and camera problems, hearing all the gossip from Ireland, and family jokes, Skype calls home have become an entertaining staple for any Irish person living outside of the country.

In the past few years, thousands of Irish people have left the country and started a new life abroad but with thanks to technology they’re never far behind on catching up with friends and family.

They can be full of tears and laughter, a place for ranting to your Mammy and suffering Dad jokes, and a welcome break from foreign accents and now RTÉ are set to make new TV show entitled “#MissingYou” in which Irish emigrants let us into one of the most personal aspects of their lives - calling home.

The show was made once before in 2013 when RTÉ recorded the Skype calls between family and friends made between June and December in a moving portrayal of the means by which we now stay on contact with each other.

“By recording the video conversations of our group, as they call home to their friends and family, we experience everything with them, from big announcements to unexpected moments of everyday magic across great distances,” said Karen Moran who is involved in making the program.

And the result is truly touching. We see an unemployed Dad forced to move to Australia for a job staying up late just to keep in touch with his kids, an excited grandmother seeing her new Swedish granddaughter for the first time and plenty of joking and laughing between the tales of the day-to-day life of the programs participants.

For the newest episode charting the life of an emigrant, RTÉ are looking for participants willing to let the world in on their conversations.

“#MissingYou will be comprised of video phone-calls from Irish emigrants to their loved ones at home,” said Moran.

“We are looking for people, young and old, who have left these shores, recently or not so recently – for love, for life, to follow a dream. We want to follow people embarking on new chapters, or bringing old ones to a close. Those who are getting married, becoming a parent, coming out, or just becoming the person they’ve always wanted to be. They all have two things in common: an interesting story to tell and they are geographically separated from those who they would normally turn to for help, guidance, praise or a much needed kick up the arse…”

“#MissingYou is looking for honest, genuine people who are willing to share a slice of their lives with us. If this sounds like you or someone you know and love please contact us at”

The first lot of tales from 2013 can be seen in this video:

#MissingYou from Karen Moran on Vimeo.