Another young Irish actress is becoming a Hollywood hot property. According to the Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN), actress Sarah Bolger has just been cast as Sleeping Beauty in the major US drama, 'Once Upon A Time.'

The 21-year-old Dublin-born actress has been cast in a recurring role in the second season of the hit ABC fantasy drama as Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty.

The new season of the show is due to be aired in the fall. It's prime time exposure for the Irish actress because last season 'Once Upon a Time' was the highest rated new drama on US television.

Bolger who has recently starred in 'The Tudors' and won an IFTA Award in 2010 for her performance, will star alongside Jamie Chung ('The Hangover Part II') and Kristin Bauer van Straten ('True Blood') in the series.

In fairy tale stories, Princess Aurora was put into a deep sleep when she touched the spindle of Maleficent’s spinning wheel and pricked her finger. She was brought back to life by the kiss of a prince.

In ‘Once Upon a Time’, van Straten will play Maleficent.

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