Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who plays the lusty King Henry VIII in “The Tudors,” insists that having sex with about 20 people is “not so much.”

While speaking about his “Tudors” character to Showbiz Spy, the Dubliner noted that over course of the Showtime series’ run, King Henry has slept with around 22 people.

"Which is not bad, because if I go out in London on a Saturday night and I say to some handsome young dude or some handsome young girl that's standing in the club, 'How many people have you slept with this year?' [They'd say], 'Er, about 50'," Rhys Meyers said.

“So it's not so much.”

The handsome Irish actor and model went on to say that the real Henry VIII was more “prudish,” but that “Sex happened and sex was very much a matter of state then.”

Rhys Meyers also revealed that he thought the idea of him playing the infamous monarch was “ridiculous” at first.

"Then I understood what they wanted," he said. "They wanted to bring a sense of history to a much younger generation."